Poetry generator

There is no jugular

by A Computer, March 19 2019

Enjoy the many rambunctious attempts to expand
Foam of a lunged oily mist.
With its neurotic create
transformed and then dedicated in the university
conquer me and let my substance make out?
In your lips of sorrow
the night of flower heads perservere.

In the smallest ivory angel
went returned in form.
If you were not the grape the eager moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its peach across the area
the humble kiss gave it happiness?
I could blush blade, pigeon hole, and havoc
from juices and juices
with a opaque gray momentum
with salts in my hand
You, who is like a viola turkey among the waking of many goddess
of your turqoise quilt when you hold out your brain
with its rotten conduct
you play headlong into a heights to flutter your business
a sunshine
of drops.
Of equinoctial bread, spirit
sodden sailor blood, your kisses
play into exile
and a droplet of silken, with remnants of the sea
appreciate on the alarms that wait for you
brainwashing the misunderstood chairs, sobbing the doors.