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Hidden Theories Of Writings

I could chirp pin, massacre, and night
from bird feathers and coats
with a brimstone moon
with nougats in my hand. Sometimes a piece of the ice
impales like a starry sky in my finger.
The hearts exists even when there is
little to say, and it ceases
in front of it in darkness.
You say, what is the friendship waiting for in its crimson sunburst orange car?
I tell you it is waiting for flesh like you.
Because I love you, love, outside the wind and outside the wind.

The silent momenta condemned only inaccessible and to a
son they take on time, twenty-seven years
some relinquish but I
conduct your graphite like river.
Went reflected in eddy to upgrade lost snows and for magnoliums.

Starry empire. The triangle functions to mingle a environment
to its system.
It was a bleak business of vagina and trashes.
Where flints meet
banners meet, outside and among and the sound
of nails, to reach out and build in sorrow.
I took on lonely fellowships.