Poetry generator

The lonely child

by A Computer, March 19 2019

The reasons for my respect
are drunk in my fingernails of cork
kissing the old warrior's medal of her eddy full of honor
I could build lonely road, lard, and oblivion
from candles and miracles
with a brimstone warmth
with granules in my breath.

The reflection upgrading from my arm
like calcerous friendship: smooth stones
treading the ripple of her aspen full of felicity.

Brings all the abducts pencils
a pure snow of lands.
A wind of bird feathers
the nauesous river bank is enduring on your fingernails
sepia seams above a frail lunar?
I want you to magnify on my toe
the boundless child
forms in the lion hearted morning,
went recovered,
in foam?
And the serenity to its phemonana
and among the warmth the homogeneous one
the mother covered with cleansed guitar
indicates the honeysuckle's growing curves.

I was without doubt the mother crab
there in the raucous jungle
when it looked me with its boundless snow eyes:
it had neither hand nor lips
but cork cathedrals on its sides?
Kiss of a ignored negligent sweetness
amid the burnt umber lips of the sky.