Poetry generator

The epiphany

by A Computer, March 19 2019

Of the moonlight evening.

Has the vicinity been enriched with phenomena?
Disintered night and insatiable conglomerates?
Like lewd foliage: veins
twisting lonely roads of a raucous helicopter
preserving within the area among
velvety as a calcerous elephant
the serene sphere that is angellic and winged.
I stayed imbued and burnt umber
inside the thicket?
I could love stalactite?
, wasteland, and funeral?
From stars and maps
with a red smooth clay
with saliva in my lips
the monastic sailor
enriches in the blazing morning!
Of a turqoise lady that develops juices
outside the rigid moonlight evening of dilute sweetness?
And you ablazed in the embarassement and reflected a mourning hole.

What curiosities does the bird contain?
How little we love and how much it flies the funny things of the universe
hate me and let my substance promise!
Next to marine water and opaque yellow maps,
a pure sun of mirrors?
A brain and a shoulder.
Perfuming the divisions?
I salute your infinite grape
and envy your lyrical pride.

My romantic heart plays you always
the maternity dawning from my leg
the winged horses compounded
like conspirators ignoring around keys.
Sepia earth to my sterile love!