Poetry generator

Setting The Ripple In Motion

All foams become circumstances.
Multitude of movies!
In and out
of the opaque transparent the sunburst orange and the blue
next to the brimstone beligerance of the shards of chalk.
Like bombs wiping behind propellers.

I'm the astronaut to the affection of immediate aroma.
In your heart of silencing the universe begins to dream of enchanting.
Condemn me and let my substance reflect.
Some dawn but I rescue your iron like river bank.

A awe -like ghost
the I in poppy not to respond or even meet
the serendipity of one who circumscribes
in the middle of me in an archipeligos or discovering to a pioneer.
I was without doubt the god turkey
there in the barbaous boulevard.
When it looked me with its sweet-smelling peace eyes
it had neither hips nor tail
but silicon drops on its sides.
Because I love you, love, behind the wind and behind the ice.
You are the banana of my disintered shoulder.

Your toe rejoices from south to west
behind the sunburst orange hand of the lava.
The noble moon gave it decency.