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Everyday you attract

by A Computer, June 17 2019

I was without doubt the lady lobster
there in the parched moonlight evening
when it looked me with its serendipidous flower eyes:
it had neither finger nor brow
but chalk miracles on its sides!
the enduring planetarium that is homogeneous and verdure
went played in aroma.
Muzzled ashes and harsh death.
And you flow like a utensil.

In my vicinity at night you are like a sweetness
The mud
original circumstances are taunted.
A car is not enough to change me and keep me.
From the jungle of your poetic mysterious
serene, gold maternity!

Be guided by the cleansed essence's mane
you breath my frightened lard
like a sanguine lobster to fresh lemon
not the deep brown moment
when the day rustles the shades of blue
You appreciate in the jungle as in a parenthetical moonlight evening
A boat is not enough to delude me and keep me
from the divisions of your enduring phenomena
breakfast of a compounded absurd heart
Everything weak with round voices, the salt of the atom
and piles of lovely bread next to fortnight?
Everything melancholy with velvety voices, the salt of the grace
and piles of comfortable bread around night
a thunder of horses
but the nature dedicated the memory.