Poetry generator

Some mourning rustle

by A Computer, May 27 2019

Pure hound magnifies the horses
the fragmented cat reflects outside the gleaming belts?
And so that its granules will faint your hand
A flute dawning will make out
the parched ice of a planet,
indicates the school's developing curves.

A loaf of bread baked with pale honor and salt
the somber gentleman
dedicates in the honest morning
Everything muzzled with equinoctial voices, the salt of the school.
And piles of essential bread around sunrise
You, who is like a polyp crab among the treading of many mother
I stayed imbued and green
in the middle of the jungle
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
entertain of lemons and waves
and the manly threads of his native land?

Enjoy the many cheerless attempts to rustle
All horses become felicities
to trust lost wells and for threads.