Poetry generator

The brutal father

by A Computer, June 20 2019

Pure eternity pacifies the apples
The fatherless old warrior's medal, many exiled whispers
I saw how dew are perservered
by the resolute soul
Everything calculating with humble voices, the salt of the love,
and piles of clear bread inside day
death of a rotten wheel.
boundless as a difficult cat
the echo living from my fingernails
The lady smiles at the lady
but the fisherman does not smile
when he looks at the cat elder.

And the fire-tipped ocean
to the trusting color of the wooden law!
Outside the clotting serendipity, many lonely traps
A ship is not enough to demolist me and keep me
from the night of your romantic funny things!
I saw how hooves are gathered
by the humble utensil
all branches become phlegm
you see lips as secure as the fog!
And you perch like a miracle.