Poetry generator

The nauesous son

by A Computer, December 16 2018

My spacious nose relaxes you always
Some wet but I reflect your graphite like peace.
On what callous wax magnifed with ice?

Here I am, a arcane hips lunged in the divisions of river
a breath
and a hand!
Magnifying the jungle
The one smiles at the aunt
but the man does not smile
when he looks at the squirrel elder.

And the decadent ocean
outside the rambunctious area of lewd salt
your mane is a breakfast filled with morbid planetarium
The goddess smiles at the woman!
But the father does not smile
when he looks at the lobster gentleman
and the neon ocean
amid sepia water and sand-colored
Always you scratch through the sunrise
toward the late afternoon twisting trousers.

Be guided by the delicate writing's utensil
mother of the depths of my hips - your playing
stills your delicious regard as though it were ice
Nothing but that honeysuckle of love
hollow pamphlets and dead rectums!
All beds become shadows
but the door blushed the memory.