Poetry generator

An Equally Romantic Pioneer

What curiosities does the jaguar contain?
How little we shine and how much it swims the mysteries of this computer simulation.
with me to the rooster of convicts.
I wet as if inside a putrid vinegar.
A current of lyrical horse
does not know why it flows and treads.

Brings all the crushes juices.
Forest of a died melancholy river.
Like moldy bananas trembling next to propellers.

Outside sand-colored water and transparent souls.
Towards those sepia cars of yours that wait for me.
A insatiable wave day
our new mirror, our delicious kiss lines.
Of your ultraviolet leaf when you hold out your eyelids.
A loaf of bread baked with fragmented happiness and salt.

Burnt umber earth to my morbid ribbon!
Fewer and fewer
scratch about another mode of sincerity.

Sometimes a piece of the jungle
deceives like a starry sky in my mouth.

Wake on the receptacles that wait for you
replacing the nauesous chairs, wiping the doors.