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The oily sailor

by A Computer, February 19 2019

An odor has developed under the maternity,
a mixture of bloodied steel and body, a perfuming
springtime that brings confusion,
of your turqoise propellers when you hold out your heart!
In your heart of animosity the university of leaves expand.

Carry me onto your boat - the lemon of my ripple -
the boneless jungle of motionless bridge
I'd do it for the momentum in which you perch,
for the trousers of sand-colored,
you've trusted?
In the rambunctious flesh, many hated felicities
and so that its jugulars will pitty your eyelids?
To excite lost paths and for laws.

If I could divulge the whisper and the universe
you see shoulder as humble as the clouds
with its obscene seize?
I saw how leaves are protected
by the ancient shoreline.
The trusting leaves executed
of your red saxophone when you hold out your feet?
Entertaining toward the flute.