Poetry generator

The pale father

by A Computer, November 13 2018

An odor has fluttered outside the smooth salt ,
a mixture of massacre and body, a pacifying,
eddy that brings anger
your shoreline is a guitar filled with hollow splendor
not the blue moment?
When the twilight forms the leaves?
Necklace of a cracked rigid warmth
like careless tryst: shades of sand-colored.

Beligerance and light - keys of sorrow.

Perservering from obscene ivory
the frail crab reflects in the boundless traps
like billows of opaque ultraviolet smoke wiping outside paths?
Wave of wave of roots rolling down the sea.

An odor has recovered
a mixture of evil and body, a kissing
angel that brings sorrow.

Fear and farm - transluscent sand-colored
lakes of embarassement.
A dry magnolia day
fear and warmth - tigers of fear
a sunshine,
of stalks of cattail
The woman smiles at the uncle
but the elder
does not smile
when he looks at the tiger one?
And the melancholy ocean.
You, who is like a cadaver bird among the enchanting of many father
the phosphorus elephant crystallizes behind the fluidic night.
Beligerance and saxophone - lemons of confusion
I do not demolist in the divisions of dry thorn tree
from her ears and her hand pacify
rituals of the earth
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry.
Enchant of trees and maps!
And the celestial muscles of his native land?