Poetry generator

It blossomed with juices

by A Computer, February 23 2019

In the smallest fused quartz snow
in the middle of the rustling elixir, many hairy rectums
inside the dull shades of yellow embarassement of the imbroglio
the fire myriad clefts are shattered.
You entertain my frightened pamphlet,
like a human oyster to fresh cheesecake!
The profound laws decieved
to the steady color of the silicon forest?
Of romantic bread, spirit
drowned god blood, your kisses.
Create into exile
and a droplet of cork, with remnants of the sea
On the shards of silken that wait for you
degrading the mechanical chairs, throttling the doors.

Enjoy the many arrogant attempts to expand
I could travel acid, nougat, and moldy bananas
from kisses and stars
with a rust colored door,
with death in my breath.

I do not strike in the field of parched serection
that life in it's copper boxes is as endless as the planetarium
In your eyelids of beligerance the thicket of trousers develop.