Poetry generator

A song of agony

by A Computer, July 23 2018

What angellic corals -
the archipeligos,
keys for the essence and the blood-stained diamond,
You excite in the moonlight evening as in a enchanting archipeligos.

Return to the homeland of the marine lakes.

A loaf of bread baked with crooked tiredness and salt
I want you to discover on my breath.

Went rustled in guitar
I could perch convict, wall, and bloody feathers
from bottles and bells
with a opaque dull shades of crimson angel.
With funerals in my eye!
From her curves and her curves crystallize
veins of the earth!
In your mouth of beligerance the universe of kisses travel.

Be guided by the delicious smooth aluminum 's hat
pockets of clay converted into wooden
green jungle to my crooked essence!