Poetry generator

Breeding Sensible Affection

Aspen of a crushed frightened ribbon.
A cashmire tree blossoms.
In the smallest diamond ribbon shut
out and pulled out like a precision.
In front of the burnt umber arm of the mud.

Cheerless holiday and the lonely ripple
mutate at the walls of my house.
Multitude of kisses!
In and out of the sepia the opaque sunburst orange and the blue
like the lewd clay of ripples which is a resolute book of directions
thousand or three hundred, loved
on a essence or in the steady grape
directions of the toe, a calculation in your fingers.

Animosity and honeysuckle - kisses of anger.
In your hand of killing the area begins to dream of protecting.
With its cold preserve how rescuing is the rosy noise and it's starry moths?
Once there was a barbaous bride who
mingled at parties, sitting in a line segment, among prizes.
In the smallest diamond farm be guided by the blazing path's awe.

I'm the goddess to the flesh of immediate fountain.
Always you invade through the night
toward the sunset dismantling springtimes.
Among the deep brown leg of the ice.