Poetry generator

There is no flask

by A Computer, February 19 2018

You say, what is the utensil waiting for in its cashmire door?
I tell you it is waiting for book like you
of your turqoise love when you hold out your ears
All horses become night!
Divulging toward the path.

If I could perservere the legume and the universe
of a brimstone astronaunt that plays farms
the muzzled elephant excites in the arcane phlegm
you see brow as pure as the sunshine.

Compound me and let my substance conduct
of your black forest when you hold out your eye
enriching from mechanical crystal
I stayed pacified and green
in the universe
and the flute to its sea water?
And among the railroad tracks the infinite one?
The sailor covered with absorbant momentum
the essential dignity of the breakfast!

Sometimes a piece of the heat
loathes like a old warrior's medal in my brain,
You, who is like a torrent bird among the living of many son!
The boneless bottle is resolute on your fingernails
you gallop my boney wall
like a aquatic turkey to fresh grape
I took on shady wells.