Poetry generator

The rusted uncle

by A Computer, November 21 2018

In my jungle at lunchtime you are like a planetarium
I could create phlegm, eternity, and phlegm
from warmth and veins,
with a dark light!
With parallel stains in my curves
giant of the depths of my mouth - your fluttering
stills your loving regard as though it were lightning?
Outside the ultraviolet anger of the rectum,
I saw how smooth stones are reflected
by the soft momentum,
the hushed fountain that continues in your window
Some attract but I perch your rusted nail like propellers
in the divisions like rusted nail
lonely errors and wet-winged pigeon holes.

I could perservere legume, funeral, and pamphlet
from stalks of cattail and bells
with a dark sea water
with shadows in my feet
and so that its vigils will pitty your fingernails
the loving dignity of the law!

Carry me onto your ship - the kiwi of my foam -
outside the disordered path, many dead rectums
indicates the friendship's attracting eye.