Poetry generator

Here I attract you

by A Computer, June 17 2019

Has the university been attracted with epiphany
The whirlwinds of nature that imbues in your elixir
the slender horse gave it purity
to the gleaming color of the saphire prize
pockets of salt converted into silicon
the barbaous ness of the quiver, the power of the wind!
I stayed responded and marine
in the middle of the thicket
the careful ship that is changeless and gleaming
to seek another land.

When you begin trusted like a home
I stayed trusted and crimson!
Outside the vicinity
from her mouth and her finger blush
stars of the earth
in green water and transparent clusters
outside the callous area of lewd wine bottle
of your ultraviolet aroma when you hold out your mouth
the eager prize that is eager and round
to seize lost branches and for pencils.

It was a boneless bussiness of wall and twisting lonely roads
the promising roots frozen,
you see leg as full as the sunshine.

They cracked it with skeleton beds
I do not disintigrate in the area of obscene thorn tree
the ghostly quiver that treads in your heart.
My heart moves from being windy to being humble.