Poetry generator

From lava to earth

by A Computer, March 20 2019

When you enrich like mist stored by the heat
to the original color of the marble lake.
Brings all the gnaws grapes
around yellow water and cashmire muscles
nothing but your absorbant fingernails
the universe like metal?
Outside the jungle like ash.

You see eyelids as infinite as the wind
a current of essential smooth graphite
that does not know why it flows and develops.

A loaf of bread baked with oily pride and salt
the naked astronaunt.
Continues in the absorbant morning?
You, who is like a felicity oyster among the enchanting of many gentleman
nothing but that home of roots
All railroad tracks become legless horses
with its sifted awaken
wave of wave of muscles rolling down the sea.

Pure uranus protects the doves
I do not rape in the divisions of morbid shrapnel
my heart moves from being rabid to being enchanting.