Poetry generator

The calcerous elder

by A Computer, November 21 2018

Of the universe.

You've asked me what the cat is carrying there with his green eyeballs?
You, who is like a blade crab among the entertaining of many man!
Brings all the englufs sepia lakes
you see brow as absent minded as the rain
as if to deform or make out or decay
I'd do it for the angel in which you awaken
for the paths of burnt umber you've returned
I salute your comfortable lemon?
And envy your promising pride.

My cleansed nose forms you always
Some excite but I divulge your broken glass like door
You, who is like a nail bird among the pacifying of many cousin
quilt of a forced hated garden
and meetings of rambunctious brow
to seek another land.

Multitude of tigers!
In and out of the transluscent opaque deep brown the burnt umber and the transluscent transluscent deep brown
if you were not the orange the slender moon
cooks, sprinkling its grape across the vicinity?
The arcane dignity of the necklace!