Poetry generator

Some Fire-tipped Recover

The guitars exists even when there is
little to say, and it ceases
outside it in darkness.
In the smallest wooden energy only oily and to a
one they take on time, three hundred years
in the middle of the inaccessible divisions of thirsty wreath.
And wreaths and flints.

Inside the windy tryst, many bitterest shadows.
Conversations of shorelines, the recitation
of curtains we call somber alcove.

An odor has conducted outside the ship,
a mixture of shortcut and body, a relinquishing
flute that brings panic.
Garden was no longer above the transmission threshold.
A chorus of ostriches at late afternoon un breathed un compounded
comes to a halt before a bottle.

Forming from explosive chalk.
One algorithmic option and the thicket within hers
a tale we divulge in passing,
with notions of honor
and a passion for photography and mountaineering
carry me onto your train - the orange of my grape -

And branches and paths.
To the moonlit mineral stars in the sky conversations of phemonanas, the recitation
of manes we call myriad essence.