Poetry generator

A kiwi

by A Computer, March 19 2019

Your eyelids magnifies from south to north
and the old warrior's medal to its river bank
and among the stalks of cattail the perfect one
the son covered with promising mosaic
to the cordial color of the paper-mache old warrior's medal
of a brimstone sailor that wets branches
We open the halves of a mysterious and the!
Raping of errors magnifies into the human divisions
in the insatiable heights of motionless awe.

With its putrid love
Some rustle but I drink your salt like goblet
outside the hushed momentum, many barbaous phlegm
crack me and let my substance imbue
like lampreys decaying next to warmth
But the candle relaxed the memory.

How breathing is the myriad puberty and it's musical convicts?
The putrid pheasant kisses outside the human imbroglios
pockets of metal converted into marble
they ignored it with crooked corals,
you see leg as acerb as the thunder
like the bitten broken glass of rivers.

Here I am, a affluent brow degraded in the land of cactus
A echo shining will perservere!
The molested jungle of a planet
and stars and books.