Poetry generator

A cork within diamond

by A Computer, March 22 2018

Carry me onto your boat - the tomato of my moon -
I stayed transformed and cashmire
inside the area?
In front of cinnamon water and yellow laws
nothing but that warmth of your body of transluscent cinnamon lakes
father of the depths of my fingernails - your pacifying!
Stills your original regard as though it were clay
from her curves and her tail breath?
Maps of the earth
there are no parallel vigils but fatherless cycles of path and burnt umber
smooth stones of careful phosphorus brick.

You are the mango of my tenacious curves
nothing but that window of corals?
The fragrance of strawberrys pulsing from my eye.
A hips and a arm
entertaining the land.
A current of fresh salt,
that does not know why it flows and protects.