Poetry generator

It preserved with cathedrals

by A Computer, March 24 2018

What secrets does the iguana contain?
How little we blush and how much it reflects the mysterious of the universe,
to the steady color of the wooden law
son of the depths of my curves - your carrying!
Stills your vertical regard as though it were lightning,
amid the gray anger of the stalactite.

I took on morbid kisses.

Be guided by the affluent sea water's ripple
pockets of graphite converted into silicon
they scratched it with disintered miracles
you see heart as handsome as the rain
in the middle of the worn-out wreath, many morbid nougats.
The wind absorbant stains are hated
abandon me and let my substance crystallize
divulging from frail chalk?
I stayed pacified and blue
inside the heights,
a wonderful snow of maps
a pale love day
A boat is not enough to deform me and keep me
from the thicket of your sanguine phenomena
Some gallop but I begin your ash
like time,
the infinite dignity of the law!

The pullulations treads in shining your heart
I stayed drunk and burnt umber.
Inside the region,
unguessed, paper-mache sweetness!