Poetry generator

The distorted convict

by A Computer, June 17 2019

It's a reflecting movie of alarms
the hairy ness of the circus, the power of the lava
to the eager color of the gold goblet
the oily saxophone is electric on your shoulder
The god smiles at the god
but the god does not smile,
when he looks at the bird child,
and the weak ocean
I could travel womb, granule, and nail
from stars and trees
with a rust colored serendipity,
with cubicles in my brow
On what demonic pins magnifed with wind?

You are going to ask where are the banana?
And the snow irreducable splattering its ribbons and prosecuting them full of
Inside the university like aluminum.
Like stains degrading amid stars
the essential one
treads in the monastic morning
all dew become legumes
I'd do it for the love in which you flutter
for the hooves of sepia you've crystallized
The goddess smiles at the astronaunt
but the sailor does not smile
when he looks at the cat daughter
and the worn-out ocean,
I want you to respond on my heart,
behind the blood-stained bridge, many calculating clefts
the order of the laws.

It was a misunderstood bussiness of legume and rectums
autumn of a ablazed lonely energy
like the obscene metal of smooth stones.