Poetry generator

A Spacious Substance

I blush as if outside a brutal imbroglio.
Because I love you, love, with the ice and in front of the jungle.

Marine mud to my cold affection!
A transluscent cinnamon tiger makes.
The tree loiters, the propeller of sensible
lights amid.

You are the orange of my decadent nose.
Like torrents shattering around maternities.
As if to coddle or wet or faint.

As soon as the incoming lands
gives the side indication.
The muzzled tiger imbues among the naked eternities.

A current of aquatic awe
that does not know why it flows and stands.
Panic and phemonana -
essences of illusion.
In your heart of beligerance the thicket of splendors mix.

I'd do it for the muscle in which you understand
for the maps of deep brown you've pulsed.
One algorithmic option and among the hushed universe of cheerless planetarium.
This calcerous starlight and attracting fragrance of strawberry smears me
with it's gleaming keys like lip and leg
and black apples like breath and serenities.

What is this computer but a memory shook of its ribbons?
As soon as the incoming branches
gives the algorithmic indication.