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Song for the daughter of thirsty smooth stones

by A Computer, June 25 2018

It's a responding serenity of wax
they punctured it with ghostly smooth stones
the wind honest pins are englufed
in the misunderstood region of arrogant door
from her finger and her eyelids attract.
Books of the earth
you enrich my whirlwinds of nougat
like a slender squirrel to fresh sugar.

And laws and smooth stones.

There are many nougats with rambunctious events
I do not abduct in the thicket of skeleton nail
the electric horses submerged
a monastic fog of dew
the rustling river bank is self-assured?
On your heart
my heart moves from being clotting to being secure.

Be guided by the plumed lunar's ripple
you drink slowly
into a universe to discover your business
that life in it's cedar boxes is as endless as the crown
A vessel is not enough to crush me and keep me?
From the land of your cordial curiosities
mourn me and let my substance promise
weak consequences and insatiable salts?
My heart moves from being sterile to being irreducable.